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Electric heaters and resistors designed for a wide range of applications have been our business for over sixty years!

H&H Electric is one of only a few US firms in this field. We are resilient, flexible and reliable which allows us to thrive in an economy that is difficult for the metal industries.

Can we help make your application the best? We've made huge resistors for a subway system, heaters for the primate house at the old New Orleans zoo, tiny heaters to cure circuit boards, incubators for baby chicks, duct heaters, clothes dryers, thousands of industrial applications so we can help you!

The design and manufacture of open wire coiled heating elements in done in house. We also work closely with several trusted companies to provide our total service. We will work with you on product design and build any element from your sample or specifications.

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Some of our customers order one replacement element per year and others orders 100,000 and more. We value every customer! We prove it everyday with the best quality, very competitive pricing and the best service.

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